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Macro-Fiscal Implications of Adaptation to Climate Change

IMF Staff Climate Note 2022/002

Zamid Aligishiev, Matthieu Bellon, and Emanuele Massetti*

DISCLAIMER: The IMF Notes Series aims to quickly disseminate succinct IMF analysis on critical economic issues to member countries and the broader policy community. The IMF Staff Climate Notes provide analysis related to the impact of climate change on macroeconomic and financial stability, including on mitigation, adaptation, and transition. The views expressed in IMF Staff Climate Notes are those of the author(s), although they do not necessarily represent the views of the IMF, or its Executive Board, or its management.

RECOMMENDED CITATION: Aligishiev, Zamid, Matthieu Bellon, and Emanuele Massetti, 2022. “Macro-Fiscal Implications of Adaptation to Climate Change.” IMF Staff Climate Note 2022/002, International Monetary Fund, Washington, DC.

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Macro-Fiscal Implications of Adaptation to Climate Change
Author: Mr. Zamid Aligishiev, Emanuele Massetti, and Mr. Matthieu Bellon