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Patterns and Spillovers

Jesus Gonzalez-Garcia, Ermal Hitaj, Montfort Mlachila, Arina Viseth, and Mustafa Yenice



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Names: Gonzalez-Garcia, Jesus. | Hitaj, Ermal. | Mlachila, Montfort. | Viseth, Arina. | Yenice, Mustafa. | International Monetary Fund. Spillover Task Force.

Title: Sub-Saharan African migration : patterns and spillovers / Jesus Gonzalez-Garcia, Ermal Hitaj, Montfort Mlachila, Arina Viseth, and Mustafa Yenice.

Other titles: Spillover notes (International Monetary Fund) ; 9.

Description: [Washington, DC] : Spillover Task Force, International Monetary Fund, 2016. | Spillover notes / International Monetary Fund ; 9 | October 2016. | Includes bibliographical references.

Identifiers: ISBN 9781475546668

Subjects: LCSH: Africa, Sub-Saharan—Emigration and immigration—Economic aspects. | Income distribution—Africa, Sub-Saharan. | Refugees—Africa, Sub-Saharan.

Classification: LCC HB2121.A3 G65 2016

ISBN: 978-1-47554-666-8 (paper)

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  • Introduction and Summary

  • Migration Patterns in Sub-Saharan Africa

    • Overview

    • Migration within Sub-Saharan Africa

      • Some Stylized Facts

      • Determinants of Migration within Sub-Saharan Africa: A Short Survey of the Literature

      • Forced Migration

    • Migration outside Sub-Saharan Africa

    • What Determines Migration outside Sub-Saharan Africa?

  • Demographic Transition and Global Migration

  • Brain Drain and Brain Gain

    • Brain Drain versus Brain Gain

    • Review of Empirical Evidence for Sub-Saharan Africa

  • The Macroeconomic Role of Remittances

    • Evolution and Trends

    • Economic Impact of Remittances

      • Growth and Poverty Reduction

      • Reduction of Macroeconomic Volatility

      • A Word of Caution

  • Concluding Remarks

  • Annex 1. Robustness Check

  • References

  • Figures

  • 1. Stocks of Sub-Saharan African Migrants

  • 2. Migration within Sub-Saharan Africa: Top Receiving Countries and Migration Corridors

  • 3. Migration within Sub-Saharan Africa: Top Senders of Migrants, 2013

  • 4. Migration within Sub-Saharan Africa and Refugees, 1990–2013

  • 5. Sub-Saharan Africa as a Refugee Destination

  • 6. Refugees and Internally Displaced Population, 2000

  • 7. Migration to the Rest of the World

  • 8. Migration from Sub-Saharan Africa to the Rest of the World: Main Countries of Origin

  • 9. Migration to the Rest of the World: Main Destination Countries

  • 10. Population and Mortality Rate

  • 11. Demographic Trends and Migration

  • 12. Sub-Saharan Africa: Emigration of the Most Highly Skilled

  • 13. Selected Financial Flows in Developing Countries and Sub-Saharan Africa

  • 14. Remittances to Sub-Saharan Africa: Top Receivers, 2013–15

  • Table

  • 1. Determinants of Migration from Developing to OECD Countries, 1997–2013

  • Box

  • 1. Contribution of Sub-Saharan Africa to the Flow of Refugees toward Europe

Sub-Saharan African Migration: Patterns and Spillovers
Author: Mr. Jesus R Gonzalez-Garcia, Mr. Ermal Hitaj, Mr. Montfort Mlachila, Arina Viseth, and Mustafa Yenice