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  • Abstract

  • I. Introduction

  • II. Database and Stylized Facts

    • A. Database

    • B. Stylized Facts

  • III. Econometric Analysis and Results

    • A. Determinants of Total Issuance

    • B. Determinants of Issuance Composition

  • IV. Conclusion

  • References

  • Tables

  • 1. Changes in the Structure of Sovereign Borrowing

  • 2A. Determinants of Total Debt Issuance

  • 2B. Determinants of Total Debt Issuance—Exploring Heterogeneity

  • 3A. Determinants of Auction Share in Total Issuance—Censored Tobit Estimation

  • 3B. Determinants of Auction Share in Total Issuance—Exploring Heterogeneity

  • 4A. Determinants of DLTF Issuance—Censored Tobit Estimation

  • 4B. Determinants of DLTF Issuance—Exploring Heterogeneity

  • Appendix Tables

  • A1. Changes in Total Debt Issuance

  • A2. Changes in Number of Issues

  • A3. Changes in Average Size of Issue

  • A4. Variable Definitions and Sources

  • Annex

  • Determinants of Total Debt Issuance—Estimated in Levels

Government Debt Issuance in the Euro Area: The Impact of the Financial Crisis
Author: International Monetary Fund