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  • I. Introduction

  • II. Sources of Potential Losses to Depositors

  • III. Implications of Post-Resolution Delayed Depositor Access to Funds

  • IV. Reducing Potential Losses to Depositors

  • V. Procedures for Immediate and Full Payment of Depositor Claims at Resolution

  • VI. History of Immediate and Full Payments of Depositor Claims

  • VII. Disadvantages of Immediate and Full Payment of Depositor Claims

  • VIII. Modeling the Access Delay Decision

  • IX. The FDIC Survey of Depositor Access Practices Across Countries

    • Insured deposits

    • Uninsured deposits

  • X. Summary and Best Practices Recommendation Conclusions

  • References

  • Text Tables

  • 1. Funds Availability of Insured Deposits

  • 2. Funds Availability of Uninsured Deposits

  • Figure

  • 1. Additional Market Discipline and Bailout Pressure

Post-Resolution Treatment of Depositors At Failed Banks: Implications for the Severity of Banking Crises, Systemic Risk, and too-Big-To-Fail
Author: Mr. George G. Kaufman and Mr. Steven A. Seelig