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International Monetary Fund
The Work Program aims to help the membership tackle multiple and complex challenges—most prominently high inflation, along with elevated debt levels, energy and food security, and risks of fragmentation. In addition to discussing policy advice, financial assistance, and capacity development to provide critical support to the countries affected by these compounding crises, the Board will continue to monitor closely the economic and financial developments, new challenges and risks, and discuss policy responses. Work will also focus on implementing the strategies to support a more resilient, inclusive, digital, and green global economy.
International Monetary Fund. Strategy, Policy, & Review Department
This Guidance Note provides guidance to country teams for surveillance under Article IV consultations. It supersedes the 2015 Guidance Note and its supplement. Fund surveillance continuously adapts to the evolving economic and financial landscape. The 2021 Comprehensive Surveillance Review (CSR) identified priorities for Fund surveillance, both in terms of content and modalities. This Guidance Note covers: Scope and requirements: The note lays out the coverage of, and formal requirements for, Article IV consultations and staff reports. It also outlines best practices aimed at enhancing the traction of Fund analysis and policy advice. Priorities and focus. The note reflects the four surveillance priorities identified in the CSR: (i) confronting risks and uncertainties, (ii) preempting and mitigating spillovers, (iii) ensuring economic sustainability, and (iv) adopting a more unified approach to policy advice. The note also provides guidance on sharpening the focus and selectivity of Article IV staff reports. Policies. The note discusses the content of surveillance in the areas of fiscal policy, macrofinancial analysis and financial policies, monetary policy, external sector policies, and macrostructural policies. Applications. The note considers several applications of such policies, such as with respect to the Integrated Policy Framework, climate change, and gender. Process and procedures. The note describes the Article IV consultation cycle and process, lays out drafting and publication guidelines for staff reports, and covers the treatment of confidential information.
International Monetary Fund. Strategy, Policy, & Review Department and International Monetary Fund. Finance Dept.
Poverty Reduction and Growth Trust—Guidance Note on New Enhanced Safeguards for Debt Sustainability and Capacity to Repay
International Monetary Fund. Office of Budget and Planning
The pandemic and war in Ukraine are weighing on the global economy. Uncertain monetary conditions are also complicating economic management. Members are addressing the fallout, often with constrained policy space, while also seeking a durable, inclusive structural transformation to address the macro-financial implications of climate change, digital money, fragility, and inequality.