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Mr. Ravi Balakrishnan, Mr. Chad Steinberg, and Mr. Murtaza H Syed
This paper assesses how pro-poor and inclusive Asia’s recent growth has been, and what factors have been driving these outcomes. It finds that while poverty has fallen across the region over the last two decades, inequality has increased, dampening the impact of growth on poverty reduction. As a result, relative to other emerging and developing regions and to Asia’s own past, the recent period of growth has been both less inclusive and less pro-poor. Our analysis suggests a number of policies that could help redress these trends and broaden the benefits of growth in Asia. These include fiscal policies to increase spending on health, education, and social safetynets; labor market reforms to boost the labor share of total income; and reforms to make financial systems more inclusive.
International Monetary Fund
This paper discusses key findings of the Fifth Review for Haiti under the Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility. The program seeks to protect critical spending for infrastructure rehabilitation and poverty reduction strategy paper implementation in light of significant revenue shortfalls, thus maintaining growth and reducing the impact of the global crisis on the population. All end-March quantitative criteria, structural benchmarks, and all but one structural performance criteria were met. The latter was implemented with a small delay. IMF staff supports the authorities’ request for a waiver and recommends completion of the review.