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International Monetary Fund
This paper discusses key findings of the Assessment of Financial Sector Supervision and Regulation for Panama. The assessment of bank supervision showed a high degree of compliance with the Basel Core Principles (BCP) reflecting generally satisfactory implementation combined with an adequate legal and regulatory foundation. The supervisory and regulatory frameworks for capital markets and insurance sectors are underdeveloped. The securities law and regulations are generally effective; however, resources for securities markets oversight are insufficient, and independence is affected by unfilled positions, including a commissioner’s post.
International Monetary Fund


Intraregional financial activity in Central America has grown substantially in the past decade, contributing to efficiency and economic development. At the same time, the expansion of activities by regional conglomerates has increased the challenges to supervisory authorities of containing the risks of contagion. Prepared as part of the Central America Financial Sector Regional Project by an IMF and World Bank staff team, this book outlines trends in the region's financial sector integration, supervisory responses, development of the insurance sector, payment and securities settlement arrangements, and worker remittances. It addresses the many common policy challenges facing Central American countries--Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama--in financial sector reform. The book offers key policy recommendations.