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Mr. Sanjeev Gupta, Mr. Kevin J Carey, and Mr. Ulrich Jacoby


What is the impact on trade in sub-Saharan Africa of the recent rapid growth in China and other Asian countries, and the associated commodity price boom? This paper looks at how trading patterns (both destinations and composition) are changing in sub-Saharan Africa. Has the region managed to diversify the products it sells from commodities to manufactured goods? Has it expanded the range of countries to which it exports? And what about the import side? The time is ripe for sub-Saharan African countries to climb up the value chain of their commodity-based exports and/or achieve an export surge based on labor-intensive manufacturing.

Mr. Marco Arnone and Mr. Piero Ugolini


In the past 10 years a growing number of countries have established or began establishing a primary dealer system. This paper discusses the role of primary dealers, as well as theoretical, operational, and technical issues related to the establishment of a primary dealer system, in the overall management of public debt for countries that may be considering taking this step. Drawing on a 2001 survey of country practices, the paper discusses the rationale, costs and benefits, and key prerequisites, as well as selection criteria, obligations, and privileges of a primary dealer system. It also attempts to determine the conditions under which a primary dealer system would make a positive contribution to the functioning and development of the government securities market.