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International Monetary Fund. European Dept.
Real GDP surpassed its pre-pandemic trend in early 2021, and the labor market is tight. Inflation is increasing, mainly driven by energy prices, but core inflation is also edging up. The fiscal position strengthened and the financial sector has remained resilient. Rapidly growing housing prices raise concerns about affordability and could pose risks for financial stability and the country’s attractiveness in the medium term. Following the outbreak of war in Ukraine, inflation pressures have intensified and financial market volatility has risen.
Niki Kalavrezou and Hui Jin
We review Greek public sector healthcare policies and health-related outcomes since 2010.We find that excess spending was successfully curtailed, elements of the institutional framework were modernized, and health outcomes have been relatively favorable. However, especially prior to Covid-19, public healthcare spending had been compressed to potentially unsustainable levels, with widening inequalities and large unmet needs, especially among the poor. Higher public spending and advancing structural healthcare reforms are needed to improve the efficiency and equity of the Greek healthcare system, including strengthening primary healthcare, reducing out-of-pocket payments, and eliminating remaining insurance gaps.