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International Monetary Fund. Statistics Dept.
A technical assistance (TA) mission was conducted from January 15–19, 2024, to assist the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) with the further improvement of their Residential Property Price Index (RPPI). The mission was conducted under the auspices of the Data for Decisions (D4D) Trust Fund. The mission completed the following tasks: (i) undertook a review of the methods used for the RPPI (ii) identified areas for improvement consistent with international best practice, (iii) provided practical training to staff in the NBC, (iv) assessed the suitability of the template used for data collection from the commercial banks, and (v) analyzed the potential for accessing and using more comprehensive data sources.
International Monetary Fund. Institute for Capacity Development
Capacity Development (CD), comprising technical assistance and training, fosters economic development by improving human capital and institutions in member countries. Every five years, the IMF reviews its CD Strategy to ensure that CD continues to be of high quality and well-focused on the needs of its members. This review calls for CD to become more flexible, integrated with the Fund’s policy advice and lending, and tailored to respond to member needs. The review benefitted from the recent independent evaluation of the Fund’s CD and a wide range of inputs, including internal and external consultations, surveys of recipients and development partners, staff background studies and recommendations of an External Advisory Group. The vision for CD is informed by the Fund’s comparative advantages and surveillance priorities. The proposals of the current review center around the six key areas: (1) strengthening CD prioritization and integration; (2) enhancing the funding model; (3) strengthening monitoring and evaluation; (4) modernizing modalities; (5) enhancing field presence; and (5) strengthening human resources policies for staff working on CD.