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Mohamed El Harrak, Mr. Antonio David, Ms. Lorraine Ocampos, and Marshall Mills
This paper addresses a number of issues regarding petroleum product pricing in Western Africaemphasizing international spillovers. We use panel unit root rests and long-run modeling based on vector error correction models to assess links and convergence in petroleum product prices across countries. Our results indicate that in general over the long-run there is convergence in prices across the countries. The estimation results for gasoline and diesel prices suggest the presence of long-run links between retail prices among the different country groupings with long-run multipliers ranging from 11 to -6.66. The speed of Adjustment to equilibrium varies significantly according to the countrygroupings considered. In contrast, the econometric results for kerosene prices not only indicate a weaker link between prices across countries, but also a much slower adjustment to equilibrium. Inlight of these important spillovers, the need to better coordinate pricing s and tax policies towards petroleum products at the regional level becomes apparent.
International Monetary Fund
This paper aims to illustrate the important fiscal aspects of an agricultural price stabilization fund by examining the operations and experience of the CSSPPA in Côte d’Ivoire. After considering some of the issues that determine whether a price stabilization fund should be in the private or public sector and investigating the fund’s resource mobilization role through explicit and implicit export taxation, the paper discusses issues related to the adequate insulation of producer prices from changing world market prices, and provides a macroeconomic perspective of the fund’s role in the transmission of export stimuli to the domestic economy.