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International Monetary Fund. Statistics Dept.
This Technical Assistance Report discusses the recommendations made by the IMF missions on the balance of payments and international investment position dynamics in Costa Rica. In view of the results of the economic survey, the mission recommended that the Central Bank of Costa Rica (BCCR), in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, follow up with respondents to raise awareness of the importance of reporting transactions by residency. Regarding the work on secondary income, the mission observed that the BCCR has a reliable estimate of income of seasonal and border workers in Costa Rica. It is expected that the BCCR will be able to collect information on pensions received by foreign residents who retire in Costa Rica.
International Monetary Fund


This book examines the challenges facing the international monetary and financial system, as well as the future role of the Bretton Woods institutions in addressing those challenges. The volume is based on the proceedings of a 2004 conference cosponsored by the Banco de Espana and the International Monetary Fund to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Bretton Woods meetings in July 1944. The chapters look at global imbalances, exchange rate issues, debt in emerging economies, and innovations in private and multilateral lending.

Mr. Gian M Milesi-Ferretti and Mr. Philip R. Lane
Capital flows are closely monitored, but surprisingly little is known about the stocks of external assets and liabilities held by countries, especially in the developing world. This paper constructs estimates of foreign assets and liabilities and their equity and debt subcomponents for 66 industrial and developing countries for the period 1970-97. It explores the sensitivity of estimates of stock positions to the treatment of valuation effects not captured in balance of payments data. Finally, it characterizes the stylized facts of estimated stocks and asks whether there are trends in net foreign asset positions and differences in debt-equity ratios across countries.
International Monetary Fund. Research Dept.
As a part of the proceedings of the Eleventh Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors of the International Monetary Fund, an Informal Session on “Recent Developments in Monetary Analysis” was held on September 25, 1956. The three papers which were presented at that Session by Dr. M. W. Holtrop, President of De Nederlandsche Bank, Dr. Paolo Baffi, Economic Adviser to Banca d’Italia, and Dr. Ralph A. Young, Director of the Division of Research and Statistics, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, are reproduced below, together with the background paper, “Monetary Analyses,” prepared by the Statistics Division of the Research and Statistics Department of the International Monetary Fund.