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Ms. Chie Aoyagi and Alistair Munro

8 Relocation 2 ( 5 ) With the exception of the wage variables, the other variables are indicator variables. 10 30. The significance and magnitude of the β coefficients indicate the relative importance of those attributes that statistically influence respondent job preference. The marginal rate of substitution of any two variables represents the trade-offs made between the two attributes, and in particular, trade-offs between wage and another attribute provide estimates of willingness to pay (WTP) for the

Mr. Irineu E de Carvalho Filho and Mr. Marcello M. Estevão

.1 T i m e = t + e i s t ⁢ ( 3 ) In a second step, the adjusted wage variable is regressed on time and region effects as well as on the regional unemployment rate lagged one period to minimize composition effects that can affect the “economic” relationship between unemployment and wages. 17 ⁢     ω s t = α + β * 1 n ⁢   u s t − 1 + d t + d s + e s t

Mr. Alan A. Tait and Mr. Peter S. Heller

subject of this kind, governments would be able to provide at least some statistics on the size and distribution of government employees and salaries. Yet, it was quite apparent, even from the countries that responded to the request and made an effort to provide this information, that only a handful of countries were able to provide easily statistics on these employment and wage variables. Considering the importance of government employment and wages and salaries in the economies of almost all member governments, it is evident that this issue of paucity of data should

Mr. Anthony M Annett

, focusing on the broad fiscal and labor market strategies undergirding reform efforts. In a plethora of different ways, reforms centered on reforming labor market institutions, with the goal of boosting labor supply. Based on a model whereby unions and employers bargain over wages, this overarching policy goal implies an outward shift in the labor supply (or wage) curve—more supply at a given wage or a lower wage at a given supply. The wage variable under consideration is the productivity- and cyclically-adjusted real hourly compensation rate. 3 A number of factors can