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International Monetary Fund
This supplement reviews the data received thus far and the progress made by participating jurisdictions in their dissemination efforts. Data for major jurisdictions that declined to participate are also provided where it is available from published sources. In addition, data on a sample of advanced economies are provided for comparative purposes. The framework identified a minimum set of variables for dissemination and recommended that jurisdictions publish data on those variables although jurisdictions could choose to publish more. Tables 2 and 5 to 13 provide the data received on those variables. The framework also identified additional variables that were to be provided to the Fund to help Fund staff monitor developments in financial centers.
International Monetary Fund

,672 23,283 28,242 280,372 286,517 325,567 29,334 18,515 16,583 Vanuatu … 537 1,029 … 92 607 … 146 114 … 28 35 Source: Information Framework. A. Monitoring Banking 3. The banking sector varies widely in size and scope across the jurisdictions considered as part of the OFC program . Some centers are major players in the global market, many are minor players, and some are important within their region. Twenty-seven jurisdictions have provided data on total assets of the banking sector ( Table 2

International Monetary Fund

compilation of the data, and will arrange a workshop in spring 2005 to address data compilation and technical issues in implementing the framework. 16. The final version of the Information Framework was forwarded in December 2004 to the 46 jurisdictions in Tables 2 and 3 inviting their participation . Jurisdictions were requested to confirm their participation by end-January 2005. Twenty seven jurisdictions have responded so far. Twenty-three have indicated an interest in participation, although three of these questioned their classification as OFCs, or noted that their