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International Monetary Fund

Professional Attachments Activity 3 Short-Term Experts – Regional Activity 4 Short-Term Experts – International It should be noted that representatives of all countries attended some of these training sessions. The next table in this section, Table 3 , weights the training and seminars by showing both the number of participants and the person-days of training (number of persons trained times the length of the training session). This table shows that: 1,613 have undertaken training or attended a seminar provided by CARTAC; The total number of person

Mrs. Joslin Landell-Mills

farmers attending the sessions also pass the advice on to other farm families, one extension worker can reach from 500 to 1,200 farm families in this way. The extension workers—who generally spend eight days out of every two weeks on these visits—spend one day at a training session where subject matter specialists teach them the recommendations for the next two weeks and discuss farmers’ problems from the previous fortnight. When appropriate, these sessions are attended by representatives from supply and credit agencies who collect information on the support the farmers