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International Monetary Fund. Middle East and Central Asia Dept.

copy International Monetary Fund Washington, D.C. © 2022 International Monetary Fund Title Page JORDAN SELECTED ISSUES June 15, 2022 Approved By Middle East and Central Asia Department Prepared By Rayah Al-Farah, Chris Redl, Yang Yang, and Jonathan Saalfield Contents BOOSTING FEMALE EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES IN JORDAN A. Background B. Relevant Literature and Studies C. Methodology and Results D. Policies to Boost Female Employment and Participation Opportunities FIGURE 1. Labor Market Trends in Jordan TABLE 1

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businesses. Run by the Colombian Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Oportunidades Rurales focuses on investing in rural micro-enterprises, capacity building and knowledge sharing. This US$32 million program has US$20 million in IFAD funding. C. Other National and International Efforts Colombia has an active civil society with many organizations focused on promoting youth development, through churches, clubs, universities and other actors. One organization that provides civic participation opportunities is the Corporacion Grupo Tayrona. Formally

International Monetary Fund
This Joint Staff Advisory Note reviews the first Annual Progress Report (APR) of The Gambia’s Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP). The APR indicates that The Gambia’s progress in implementing the PRSP has been uneven. Slow implementation mainly reflected low capacity, a lack of commitment, and poor prioritization of policies implemented in 2002–03. Among the five basic components, the authorities made the most progress in increasing access to basic social services. By contrast, they did not achieve most macroeconomic targets for 2002 and 2003.
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address developments in tourism, reexport and transit trade, and light manufacturing. Trade policy will need to be given higher priority in the medium-term. The Gambia has been selected as one of the countries under the Integrated Framework (IF) for Trade-Related Technical Assistance to Least Developed Countries. The IF is a cooperative interagency initiative that includes Fund and World Bank participation. Opportunities from regional integration and entrepot trade should be further explored. C. Basic Social Services and Infrastructure 11. Improving the quality

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, building on the structuring effect of the national innovation platforms. The Parliament adopted amendments to the Education Act in March 2016, extending compulsory education to the last year of pre-school education starting in September 2017, and ensuring that younger children are entitled to a place in a kindergarten. This measure would improve labor force participation opportunities for parents of young children. Final Remarks The Czech authorities are grateful for the meaningful discussions and policy advice which will be carefully assessed. More

International Monetary Fund. Middle East and Central Asia Dept.

region (possibly reflecting its high correlation with the structural index, as countries with higher GDP per capita are more likely to have better infrastructure). D. Policies to Boost Female Employment and Participation Opportunities 13. Raising female participation rates is critical to achieving sustainable and inclusive growth in Jordan. Increasing female labor force participation and employment outcomes can significantly boost GDP, productivity, and tax collections. Ostry and others, (2018) found that men and women complement each other in the

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. Link between Education and Economic Participation & Opportunity Notes: The sub-index ranges between 0 to 1 with a higher number indicating a greater parity. The Y-axis has been truncated for easier presentation of countries. The dashed lines show the global averages, which is 0.98 for educational attainment and 0.62 for economic participation and opportunity. Sources: Global Gender Report 2017, World Economic Forum; and IMF Staff Calculations 3. There is a wide heterogeneity in female labor force participation based on the level of education . According to

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This paper presents the status report on Bangladesh’s Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP). Having prepared the Interim-PRSP (I-PRSP) in March 2003, the government of Bangladesh has set itself to a well-rounded process of preparing the full-blown PRSP by December 2004. That would entail a time span of 21 months compared with the average time of about 26 months reported to have been required by the I-PRSP countries to complete their full PRSPs. The government adheres to the core principles of the PRSP that it should be country-driven, results-oriented, comprehensive in scope, partnership-oriented, and fully participatory in nature.
International Monetary Fund

through demonstration of her qualities. It was opined in the division level meetings that the vital aspects of this process are access to education& healthcare services, ability to participate and take decisions in social, cultural, economic and political activities, access to assets and ability to use them. b . Important aspects of women empowerment are namely as: Education, Health and nutrition, Security, Social/cultural rights, Economic rights/Economic activity through active participation, opportunity and ability for decision, Political rights: active