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International Monetary Fund

institutions: Beneficiary institutions were: 1 simple stove in the 3 rd Special School, 1 double stove for each in the Chingussura Health Centre and Elderly Support Centre; 2 double stoves in the Rocket Brigade, 2 quadruple stoves in the Military Training Centre; 3 double stoves in the Beira Airforce Base and 7 triple stoves for each in the Adult Education Institute, the Inhamizua Teacher Training Institute, the Dondo Boarding School, the Beira Health Science Institute, the Military Administration and Commandos Unit. Inhambane About 800 pieces of ceramic

International Monetary Fund
This Annual Progress Report reviews the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper and Economic and Social Plan for 2007 for Mozambique. The report presents the new simplified structure adopted in the Review of the First Half of 2007. In the international context, the evolution of the international economy is presented, which allows a visualization of the international economic conditions in which the country has implemented its economic and social policy. The activities of the environment and the science and technology sectors are also described.

assets (see the A Manual on Government Finance Statistics , IMF, 1986, for further discussion), although it may not be very efficient. However, it is argued that the beneficial impact of military expenditure extends beyond the direct provision of productive capital assets. In particular, reference is frequently made to the spin-off benefits from military research and technological developments, and the value of military training . Certainly the former is explicitly recognized by the European aircraft industry, which defends the subsidies it receives by reference

interested in Belize anymore,” and to keep operating, his bank had to “be creative and do an incredible amount of networking.” He does business now through small banks in other countries, some smaller than his own, and has different providers for various services. “We are managing, but don’t have a strong long-term solution.” He sees the problem affecting the entire economy: “Even US and British military training camps had problems receiving funds.” For Bank of America, it’s basically a matter of scale, Stephanie Wolf, head of global financial institutions and public

George Tobias

the universities would give practical instruction in agricultural, mechanical, and scientific disciplines, and in military training. Borrowing to meet educational capital needs is also standard practice in many countries. In the United States, for instance, in each of the last five years, more than $2.5 billion has been borrowed by states and municipalities to meet the capital expansion costs of primary and secondary schools alone, with great additional sums being lent for the building of higher education facilities. But the international lending of large sums

International Monetary Fund. African Dept.
This paper discusses the progress made on Côte d'Ivoire’s National Development Plan (PND) 2012–15. In the area of planning, the 2012–13 PND served to move planning to the forefront of public action. In addition, the National Bureau of Population has been set up to better address the problems of population and development. In the area of justice and human rights, the policy guidance paper has been prepared and is now being implemented. In the area of civil protection, the actions carried out have centered on strengthening the institutional and legal framework for preventing and managing risks and disasters and building up the operational capabilities of bodies in charge of civil protection.