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Mr. Mark P. Taylor
This paper contains essays on sterilized intervention, on covered interest rate parity, and on chartist analysis in financial markets. Each essay contains a definition, brief survey of the empirical evidence and overall assessment of each topic.
Edwin M. Truman, Mr. Scott Roger, Mr. Mark R. Stone, Theodore Friend, Vasuki Shastry, Javier Santiso, and Miguel Diaz

of demystifying the world of emerging markets finance, unmasking it for what it often is: a confidence game. In the best possible way to research his subject, he frequently interviews market practitioners directly. As someone who spent nearly 10 years in these markets, I found that the Rolodex Santiso consults turns up familiar names—global finance is a small world. Santiso captures well the inherent tension between the nature of the markets and the imperatives facing leaders of the emerging world, who are trying both to develop their economies and to get

International Monetary Fund
Guernsey’s status as the largest international insurance center in Europe hinges on its progressive infrastructure and operational flexibility. Guernsey updates its regulatory regime continually and has implemented all the recommendations arising from the 2003 Offshore Financial Center (OFC) assessment. The updated regulatory framework has a high level of observance with the Insurance Core Principles (ICPs). The Guernsey Financial Services Commission (GFSC) should expand its range of enforcement powers and also implement the public disclosure standards established by the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS). The mission advised the GFSC to continually assess the practical implementation of Own Solvency Capital Assessment (OSCA).
Mr. Eswar S Prasad, Mr. Steven V Dunaway, and Mr. Jahangir Aziz

. This openness has a profound impact not only in terms of valuable input and gauging public opinion before framing regulations and guidelines but also in terms of improving quality, acceptability, and ease of implementation. SEBI has formed a number of committees of eminent experts and market practitioners to support it in the design of reforms for different aspects of securities markets. The regulator posts all its orders, including those delivered on appeals against its orders, on its website. On request, it provides informal guidance on payments of nominal fees and