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Mr. Marshall B Reinsdorf

COVID-19 index and the CPI equals the product of its weight adjustment and the deviation of its index from the all-items CPI. 19. The IMF CPI database has information on the major components of the CPI, defined at the division (2-digit) level in the COICOP classification system . This database covers most of the world’s economies. Data up to May 2020 was available for 83 economies in eight regions (shown in Annex B ) at the time of the writing of this paper. On average, the food indexes rise substantially over both a 12-month interval and over a 3-month

International Monetary Fund

SDDS. Its two weeks timeliness exceeds the one month SDDS requirement. Consistency The all-items CPI and the aggregate of the regional CPIs are the same. Revision policy and practice The revisions policy and practice for the CPI are well known to users. Differences between the preliminary and the final estimates at the national level are rare and trivial. Data accessibility The CPI is released on a pre-announced schedule and data are made available to all users at the same time. The monthly releases provide sufficient component detail on the indices. Metadata