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Ms. Inutu Lukonga
This paper reviews Nigeria’s non-oil export performance during the period 1970-90, analyzes the factors underlying the dismal performance, and estimates the supply-price elasticity of the exports for both the short and long run. A distinguishing feature of the analysis is the incorporation of the effect of domestic demand in the export supply equation for agricultural commodity exports--a feature usually reserved for the manufactured goods where it is generally assumed that domestic demand competes with export demand. The results provide evidence of the adverse effects of restrictive government policies on exports and underscore the utility of pricing policy in eliciting export supply.
International Monetary Fund

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region that considerably lags other Emerging Market regions such as East Asia and Eastern Europe. Moreover, the level of export per capita is low relative to Guatemala’s income level. This suggests that non-geographic export determinants in Guatemala are weak, and this paper seeks to identify and quantify these possible weaknesses based on the existing literature on export determinants. 2. Guatemala’s key export industries have stagnated lately . Improvements in non-hydrocarbon/mineral (NHM) exports would benefit the economy at large, especially if driven by more

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. Conclusions FIGURES 1. Export Performance 2. Export Performance by Sector 3 Guatemala and Comparators: Export Diversification and Per Capita Levels 4 Guatemala and Comparators: Export Complexity TABLE 1. Complex Exports in Selected Countries References ANNEXES I. Regional Classification of Countries II. Determinants of Complex Exports III. Export Complexity and Proximity IV. Export Determinants and Income per Capita CHARACTERIZING RECENT INFLATION DYNAMICS IN GUATEMALA A. Inflation Across Income Quintiles B. Principal Components Analysis C

Jorge Salas

competitiveness to export growth over 2012–13 would have reduced by at least one-quarter compared to the baseline scenario. An additional simple counterfactual experiment, assuming greater labor market flexibility since 2008, is described in Box 1 . Alternative Counterfactual Scenarios: Contribution of ULC-Based REER to Real Export Growth (Percentage points) Notes: LMR=Labor market reforms. The charts are based on this paper’s regression analysis of export determinants, and on the OECD’s (2014) estimates of the maximum and minimum effects of the 2012 labor market

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Infrastructure 3. Public Spending FY 2009/10–2020/21 REVERTING EXPORT STAGNATION IN JAMAICA A. Introduction B. Exports Developments: A Short History C. Diversifying Into More Complex Sectors D. Export Determinants in Jamaica E. Conclusions References APPENDIX I. Complexity Determinants FIGURES 1. Complex Exports Determinants and Comparators, 2017 2. Education Indicators and Comparators 3. Logistics Performance Indicators and Comparators 4. Governance Subindices in and Comparators TABLE 1. Largest Complex Exports by Country in 2018

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Monetary Reforms” by Pierre L. Siklos [94/57] “Why is Unemployment in France So High?” by Reza Moghadam [94/58] “Nigeria’s Non-Oil Exports: Determinants of Supply and Demand, 1970–90” by Inutu Lukonga [94/59] “Do Long-Run Productivity Differentials Explain Long-Run Real Exchange Rates?” by Patrick K. Asea and Enrique G. Mendoza [94/60] “Issues Concerning Nominal Anchors for Monetary Policy” by Robert P. Flood and Michael Mussa [94/61] “Government Securities Versus Central Bank Securities in Developing Open Market Operations—Evaluation and Need for Coordinating