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Basil P. Coukis and Orville F. Grimes

This paper highlights that the flow of IMF-related resources to member countries was maintained at a high level during 1979, amounting to the equivalent of SDR 6,917 million, compared with SDR 4,955 million in 1978. Some SDR 3.77 billion became available to non-oil developing countries in 1979. Repurchases in the General Resources Account by all members—at SDR 4.2 billion—exceeded their purchases of SDR 1.8 billion by an unprecedented SDR 2.4 billion. These large repurchases reflected the substantial improvement in the balance of payments of some industrial member countries that had large outstanding drawings.

International Monetary Fund
This Annual Progress Report reviews the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper and Economic and Social Plan for 2007 for Mozambique. The report presents the new simplified structure adopted in the Review of the First Half of 2007. In the international context, the evolution of the international economy is presented, which allows a visualization of the international economic conditions in which the country has implemented its economic and social policy. The activities of the environment and the science and technology sectors are also described.
International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.

Burki Approaches to meeting the basic needs of the poor drawn from Bank studies of various sectors A strategy to reduce malnutrition Alan Berg There is a need for the development of nutrition-oriented food policies to meet one of the developing world’s most basic needs Exchange rates, inflation and the vicious circle Marian Bond A discussion of the vicious circle of depreciating exchange rates and domestic inflation, and possible ways out of it Labor-based civil construction Basil P. Coukis and Orville F. Grimes. Jr

International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.

-based civil construction Basil P. Coukis and Orville F. Grimes, Jr March 32 Limits to taxation Richard Goode March 11 Managing external debt in developing countries Bahram Nowzad September 24 Managing the demand for energy in the developing world Raymond Goodman December 9 Managing the demand for energy in the industrial world Peter J. Quirk December 14 Migration and manpower needs in the Middle East and North Africa, 1975–85 Ismail Serageldin