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Ms. Rina Bhattacharya, Tarik Yousef, and Mr. Pierre Dhonte
The working age population is expected to grow faster in the Middle East than in any other region in the world between now and 2015—rising annually by 2.7 percent, or 10 million people. This demographic explosion presents the region with a major challenge in terms of providing jobs, incomes, and housing for the growing population, but the expanding labor force can also be seen as an opportunity to generate higher per capita income growth on a sustainable basis. The paper concludes by emphasizing the importance of market-friendly institutions in turning the challenge into opportunity.
Eric V. Edmonds, Nina Pavcnik, and Petia Topalova

. Conclusion References Figures 1. Average Nominal Tariffs 2. Tariffs by Industry Category 3. Tariffs and Literacy Text Tables 1. Activities of Children in Rural India, 1983-2000 2. District Tariff Measures in Rural India 3. School Attendance and Tariffs in Rural India 4. School Attendance, Tariffs, and Other Reforms in Rural India 5. Schooling Infrastructure and Tariffs in Rural Districts 6. Population and Tariffs by District, Rural Census Results 7. Rural Schooling Attendance and Alternative District Tariffs 8. District Per Capita Consumption

International Monetary Fund

; combating corruption; containing the wage bill by removing ghost workers from the payroll on the basis of the census results in Kinshasa; and strictly observing spending appropriations; (2) contain base money growth by reducing net bank credit to government; (3) step up the fight against corruption by engaging in a public information campaign and strengthening customs controls; (4) enforce the implementation of the mining and forestry codes; and (5) proceed with the plans for public enterprise reform. The precise objectives of the program will be finalized in the coming