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International Monetary Fund. Institute for Capacity Development and International Monetary Fund. Legal Dept.

the planning and management of CD. Aggregated RBM ratings as part of Regional Capacity Development Center (RCDC) annual reports Evaluation main reports, with no CD recipient-specific assessments Project-level RBM ratings as part of RCDC annual reports Annex of evaluation reports, with project-level assessments Project risk assessments Project assessments Information Forming the Basis of Final CD Output Information received or generated by Fund staff, that forms the basis of Fund CD output. For purposes of the guidance, this category

Statistical Office of the European Communities, International Labour Office, International Monetary Fund, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, United Nations, and World Bank

characteristics. Of course this will depend on the exact way the properties are valued, which may not be known to the index compilers. Quality of the Assessment Information 7.17 Abstracting now from quality adjustment issues, the SPAR method is obviously dependent on the quality of the assessment information. There are three broad ways in which assessments of (non-traded) properties can be carried out: by using hedonic regression, by comparing them to similar traded properties, and by expert judgment. The methods used differ among countries and sometimes even within a

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Authorities’ response to the assessment II. Assessment of the Legal, Institutional and Supervisory Aspects for Anti-money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) A. Summary Summary Assessment B. Detailed Assessment Information and methodology used for the assessment Part 1: Assessing the AML/CFT in the legal and institutional framework Part 2: Assessing the AML/CFT in prudentially-regulated sectors C. Recommendations and authorities’ response to the assessment Recommendations Authorities’ response to the assessment

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members remains optional, and country teams can decide on the most appropriate way of presenting the assessment . Informational Annex . The following elements usually found in the Informational Annex can be further streamlined. Capacity Development A list of recent capacity development activities is not required. Where germane to the issues covered in the staff report, country teams are encouraged to reference CD priorities in the body of the staff report, so as to better integrate CD and surveillance. Heavy users of CD, who have produced a CD country strategy

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Promote Economic Diversification IV. Staff Appraisal Figure Selected Economic Indicators Tables 1. Selected Economic and Financial Indicators, 2007–15 2. Balance of Payments, 2007–15 3. Summary of Central Government Operations, 2007–15 4. Monetary Survey, 2007–11 Appendices 1. Exchange Rate Assessment Informational Annex I. Relations with the Fund II. Relations with the World Bank III. Statistical Issues Front Matter Page Public Information Notice (PIN) No. 11/10 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 26, 2011