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International Monetary Fund

year period that starts five years from now—can be derived from the Treasury inflation protected securities (TIPS) yield curve. 1 Inflation compensation is defined as coupon minus TIPS yields. It captures inflation expectations and time-varying liquidity and inflation risk premia associated with holding TIPS. We verify that the estimation results are robust to controlling for the time-varying liquidity risk. Liquidity risk is corrected by taking residuals from regressing inflation compensation on two of its proxies: (1) the spread between Treasury bonds and

Peter D. Williams
Inflation has been below the Federal Reserve’s target for much of the past 20 years, creating worries that inflation may be deanchoring from the FOMC’s target. This paper uses a factor model that incorporates information from professional forecasters, household and business surveys, and the market for Treasury inflation protected securities (TIPS) to estimate long-run inflation expectations. These have fallen notably in the past few years (to roughly 1.9 percent for CPI inflation, well below the FOMC’s target). It appears that, even before the covid recession, the private sector viewed the economy as likely to suffer from persistent headwinds to inflation.
Peter D. Williams

Below Potential Output on Average .” D’amico , Stefania , Don Kim , and Min Wei . 2018 . “ Tips from TIPS: The Informational Content of Treasury Inflation-Protected Security Prices .” Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis , 53 ( 1 ), 395 – 436 . Dai , Qiang and Kenneth J. Singleton . 2002 . “ Expectation Puzzles, Time-Varying Risk Premia, And Affine Models Of The Term Structure ,” Journal of Financial Economics , Vol. 63 ( 3,Mar ), 415 – 441 . Diebold , Francis X. ; Rudebusch , Glenn D. and Aruoba , S

International Monetary Fund
The note delves on the U.S. housing market outlook, the potential benefits of mitigating distressed sales household deleveraging, and the recovery. Policies to facilitate labor market adjustment to reduce the large employment volatility without affecting efficient labor allocation could prevent problems. U.S. firms are hoarding money but it is likely to be spent to boost firms’ capital expenditure, rather than kept as precautionary balances. The note discusses commodity price shocks affecting Treasury inflation protected securities (TIPS), budget institutions for federal fiscal consolidation, and mortgage delinquencies in the United States.
Rohit Goel and Sheheryar Malik

pricing. In what follows, a deeper dive is taken into the United States and provide further decompositions of the inflation breakeven and real yield components. Decomposition of us Inflation Breakevens 1 Breakeven inflation, while providing a reliable gauge of market-implied inflation expectations, may be subject to distortions. In the United States, Treasury inflation-protected securities (or TIPS, from which the real yield is derived), are generally less liquid than their nominal counterparts, especially in the short run and during periods of market stress