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Mr. Sanjeev Gupta, Mr. Kevin J Carey, and Mr. Ulrich Jacoby


What is the impact on trade in sub-Saharan Africa of the recent rapid growth in China and other Asian countries, and the associated commodity price boom? This paper looks at how trading patterns (both destinations and composition) are changing in sub-Saharan Africa. Has the region managed to diversify the products it sells from commodities to manufactured goods? Has it expanded the range of countries to which it exports? And what about the import side? The time is ripe for sub-Saharan African countries to climb up the value chain of their commodity-based exports and/or achieve an export surge based on labor-intensive manufacturing.

Ms. Louise Fox, Cleary Haines, Ms. Jorge Huerta Munoz, and Mr. Alun H. Thomas

Country Type and Sector, 2005 Figure 5: Sub-Saharan Africa: Share of Public Sector in Wage Employment, 2005 Figure 6. Sub-Saharan Africa: Estimated Distribution of Employment by Country Type and Sector, 2010 Figure 7. Sub-Saharan Africa: Gross Job Flows, 2005–10 Figure 8. Sub-Saharan Africa: Estimated Distribution of Employment by Country Type and Sector, 2020 Figure 9. Sub-Saharan Africa: Net New Jobs by Sector, 2020 Figure 10. Sub-Saharan Africa: Gross Job Flows, 2010–20 Figure 11. Sub-Saharan Africa: Changes in Wage Industry Jobs Figure 12. Sub

Xiangming Fang, Siddharth Kothari, Mr. Cameron McLoughlin, and Mustafa Yenice

-Related Deaths in Different Types of Conflicts 7. Conflict Exit Probablities 8. Persons of Concern from Sub-Saharan Africa 9. People of Concern Based on Country of Origin vs. Number of Conflict-Related Deaths 10. Destination of Sub-Saharan African Refugees, 2018 11. Sub-Saharan Africa: Average Growth Rate by Country Type 12. Impulse Response of per Capita GDP in Response to Shock to Conflict Intensity 13. Per-capita GDP Around Conflict Episodes 14. Sub-Saharan Africa: Cumulative Change in Debt-to-GDP Ratio during Conflict Episodes TABLES 1. Sub-Saharan

Francisco Arizala, Mr. Matthieu Bellon, Ms. Margaux MacDonald, Mr. Montfort Mlachila, and Mustafa Yenice

Figure 7. Sub-Saharan Africa: Share of Intraregional Imports, 2016 Figure 8. Major Intraregional Trade Links Figure 9. Countries with Substantial Trading Relationships from the Perspective of the Exporter Figure 10. Major Intraregional Trade Relationships Figure 11. Sub-Saharan Africa: Subregional Trade, 2016 Figure 12. Sub-Saharan Africa: Intraregional Trade by Subregions, 2016 Figure 13. Sub-Saharan Africa: Intraregional Exports, by Country Groups Figure 14. Sub-Saharan Africa: Exports to the Rest of the World, by Country Groups Figure 15. PAB and

Mr. Mauro Mecagni, Mr. Jorge I Canales Kriljenko, Cheikh A. Gueye, Mr. Yibin Mu, Mr. Masafumi Yabara, and Mr. Sebastian Weber

Figure 1. Sub-Saharan Africa: Recent Sovereign Issuances Figure 2. Sub-Saharan Africa: Sovereign Debt Restructurings with Private Creditors, 1980–2010 Figure 3. Sub-Saharan Africa: Primary Fiscal Balance, Expenditure, and Public Debt-Cases other than Debt Restructuring Figure 4. Sub-Saharan Africa: Primary Fiscal Balance, Expenditure, and Public Debt-Cases Involving Debt Restructuring Figure 5. Sub-Saharan Africa: Share of Public Debt Denominated in Foreign Currency Figure 6. Sub-Saharan Africa: Public Investment after Bond Issuance Figure 7. Sub