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International Monetary Fund

surveillance, lending, and CD work in SDS work, including by making use of the Climate Macroeconomic Assessment Program (CMAP) and the RST; (ii) application of Article IV (AIV) surveillance requirements and diagnostic tools for SDS; (iii) consideration of how to bring Fund-wide skills and expertise to address SDS challenges, including approaches for to further involve functional departments (FD) in SDS work; (iv) advise on how best to coordinate with partner institutions; and (v) advice on how to foster strong and continuous relations with SDS Coordination Mechanisms could

International Monetary Fund
The report and its recommendations should also be careful to not impinge upon areas that are still unfolding, such as the RST, crisis response, and CD provision, to avoid unnecessary duplication of efforts and ensure that a coherent and evenhanded framework is in place. I offer qualified and/or partial support to the recommendations, as discussed below, to serve better our SDS members.