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International Monetary Fund
Adverse terms-of-trade developments and an unfavorable external environment have contributed to Paraguay's lackluster economic performance. Executive Directors observed the fiscal slippages, weaknesses in national accounts calculations, the statistical coverage of public enterprise operations and external tariffs, and stressed the need to tighten monetary and fiscal stances, and accelerate structural reforms. They welcomed the new strategy under the staff-monitored program, the improvement in the balance of payments, money, the central government's finances, and the country's progress toward meeting the General Data Dissemination Standard.
International Monetary Fund

Encouraged Financial Soundness Indicators 5. Distribution of the Number of Encouraged FSIs On Which Data Collected 6. Correlation Between NPLs/Loans and the Corporate Leverage Ratio 7. Correlation Between NPLs Less Provision Over Capital and the Corporate Leverage Ratio 8. Correlation Between Bank Capital/Asset Ratio and Corporate Leverage Ratio 9. Correlation Between NPLs/Loans and Corporate Earnings (EBITA)/Capital 10. Correlation Between NPL/Loans and Corporate Earnings (EBIT)/Interest Payments 11. Correlation Between NPLs Less Provision Over Capital and