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Mr. Geoffrey J Bannister, Mr. Manuk Ghazanchyan, and Theodore Pierre Bikoi
This paper assesses external trade statistics in Lao PDR by looking at mirror statistics, and with reference to international experience in compilation and dissemination of external trade data. We find that exports could be underreported by 8 to 50 percent, while imports could be underreported by 30 to 70 percent, and the trade deficit could be 20 percent to 280 percent higher. Underreporting is concentrated in trade with major partners, including Thailand (17 percent of total trade), China (10 percent of total trade) and Vietnam (3 percent of total trade). On the export side, underreporting is concentrated in wood and wood products, while for imports it is concentrated in a much wider variety of products, including food, fuel, vehicles, machinery, chemical products, plastics and rubber, and construction materials. Possible sources and implications of these discrepancies are discussed.
Mr. Geoffrey J Bannister, Mr. Manuk Ghazanchyan, and Theodore Pierre Bikoi

Statistics Office. Since Lao PDR does not report trade data to international compiling agencies directly, COMTRADE and DOTS data are compiled from mirror statistics. For this study, this data (and the Vietnamese data) are collected to match the fiscal year basis of Lao PDR data (FY2014/15, which runs from October 2014 to September 2015). MOIC presents data by partner and commodity while BOL presents data only by broad commodity. Commodity classifications for MOIC do not correspond to the international HS classification, thus MOIC data are further reclassified by product to