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Mr. Ian Lienert

of Forecast Performance Against MFD Characteristics ANNEXES 1. Names of the Macro-Fiscal “Departments” of MOFs 2. Fiscal Rules and Fiscal Frameworks 3. Medium-Term Forecast Performance Analysis 4. Notes on the Database Prepared from this Paper 5. Kenya’s Statement of Fiscal Risks

Mr. Ian Lienert
This paper examines the institutional arrangements of the macro-fiscal function in 16 African countries. Most ministries of finance (MoFs) have established a macro-fiscal department or unit, but their functions, size, structure and outputs vary considerably. Based on a survey, we present data on staff size, functional scope and the forecasting performance of macro-fiscal departments and identify common challenges in the countries reviewed. Some MoFs perform many macro-fiscal functions, but actions of various kinds are needed to strengthen their macro-fiscal departments. This paper provides some guidance for policy-makers in the region for enhancing the quality and scope of macro-fiscal outputs.
Mr. Ian Lienert

the results from the forecast performance analysis and MFD characteristics. Subsequently it reviews the major challenges for performing macro-fiscal activities in the MoFs of the 16 countries, before discussing measures for strengthening the macro-fiscal function in the region. Forecast performance and MFD characteristics A panel regression of the average forecast errors and average absolute forecast errors for revenue ( Figures 6 and 7 ) against relevant survey results is presented in Table 5 . Notwithstanding the small size of the panel dataset and the