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International Monetary Fund
This review examines experience in implementing the lessons drawn in the 2011 Board paper on the Fund’s engagement with countries in post-conflict and fragile situations (more commonly referred to as fragile states (FS)) and the ensuing 2012 Guidance Note. The focus is on capacity building, Fund facilities and program design, and policy support. The review identifies scope to improve the Fund’s engagement in selected areas.
International Monetary Fund

motivated and skilled for FS assignments. Proposals : Training on political economy issues will be continued, and knowledge-sharing across teams working on fragile states will be fostered, including through a new intranet-based FS thematic site. The security concerns of staff considering FS assignments are being addressed through new security policies and steps are being taken to ensure that staff working on FS assignments share the same strong career prospects as their peers in non-FS positions. Approved By Peter Allum, Daniela Gressani, and David Robinson

International Monetary Fund

will provide continuing TA and program-based support. 1/ Prepared by SPR. C. Policy Support The Fund’s policy advice is viewed as high quality, though FS look for more innovative economic solutions drawing on deep FS experience. To add value to the Fund’s policy advice, steps are being taken to provide staff with more tailored training, improve tools for sharing knowledge among staff teams, and strengthen incentives for staff considering FS assignments. 22. FS authorities give mixed ratings to the Fund’s policy support . A large majority see Fund