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International Monetary Fund
This report presents the results of the mid-term evaluation of the Enhanced Data Dissemination Initiative (EDDI) financed by the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID) covering the period April 1, 2010 to September 30, 2012. The evaluation was conducted internally by the IMF in consultation with DFID. EDDI is a five-year project (April 2010–March 2015) implemented by the IMF to improve macroeconomic statistics in 25 African countries. The project includes modules for sub-groups of countries covering national accounts, monetary statistics, government finance statistics (GFS), balance of payments statistics (BOP), and harmonization of statistics in several regional organizations. The mid-point of a five-year project is an appropriate time for all stakeholders of the project to step back and take stock of what has been accomplished in the first half of the project, what has gone well, what aspects have been disappointing, and what might be adjusted or changed to make the remainder of the project more effective in achieving its objectives. To facilitate this process, questionnaires were developed to obtain feedback from three groups: counterparts in participating countries, IMF module managers and experts, and DFID country and regional advisors. Recommendations made by the stakeholders that will be followed up in the second half of the project are listed as bullets in italics below.
International Monetary Fund

Modules and Countries 2. Average Ratings from Questionnaires Box 1. Highlights of Key Results Achieved in First Half of EDDI Chart 1. Share of Respondents that Agree or Disagree with Statements in the Questionnaire. Appendices I. Mid-Term Evaluation Country Questionnaire II. Questionnaire for IMF Module Managers and Experts III. DFID Advisors Questionnaire ACRONYMS ARC Advance Release Calendar AFRITAC African Regional Technical Assistance Center BOP Balance of Payments CPI Consumer Price Index

International Monetary Fund

organizing support for required funding of activities complementary to EDDI. More IMF experts will meet with DFID country advisors while on missions, and with other donors that are known to be engaged in work closely related to EDDI. DFID advisors will where possible assist in organizing meeting with significant other donors/stakeholders. In conclusion, the positive overall results of the mid-term evaluation of EDDI and feedback from major stakeholders are consistent with the performance of EDDI with respect to annual project milestones. The significant number