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Vanda Guerreiro, Mr. Andrew Baer, and Anthony Silungwe

other countries, food is the main component. Currently, 133 countries publish the detailed weights on their website. Figure 7. Do You Publish the Detailed Weights on Your Website? Source: IMF staff- 2020 Global Annual Survey on the CPI Statistical Programs. * NULL = Countries not answering the question Data Sources CPI calculation relies on two types of data: data pertaining to the prices of the items included in the CPI basket used to measure the price changes; and data on households’ expenditures used to aggregate the elementary indices into

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inadequate as the data are revised only once. While preliminary data are clearly identified, revised estimates are not annotated . It is proposed to have IMF technical assistance in developing the rules on conformity with international standards. B. Consumer Price Index (CPI) 7. The NSO does not compile a national CPI. Though the geographic coverage of expenditure includes both urban and rural areas, national weights are not estimated to determine a national CPI . The NSO plans to finish making preparations for a national CPI calculation within the fourth

International Monetary Fund. African Dept. and International Monetary Fund. Strategy, Policy, & Review Department

since 2014 because of the conflict), based on the 2009–10 Household Budget Survey. The CPI calculation and compilation methodology, however, is outdated and unreliable due to limited geographical coverage and lack of technical and financial resources. To ensure appropriate weights are used, a new household survey needs to be conducted. Import price indexes are not available and will require substantial investment in source data development (particularly at customs). Monthly CPI figures are issued and published on the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) website, albeit

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Non-alcoholic Beverages in the CPI (in percent) May-17 Jun-17 Jul-17 Price not missing 56.5 75.7 57.8 Shadow alternative or Group imputation 37.8 18.2 36.2 Carry forward 4.9 5.3 5.0 Imputation 0.5 0.6 0.8 Substitute: comparable 0.2 0.2 0.2 Substitute: with quality adjustment 0.1 0.1 0.1 Source: The GBS Consumer Price Index Section. 7. In total there are 6,940 target prices included in the CPI calculations each month . 276 of the 316 items (i.e., joint

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expressed as the ratios of value aggregates in which the quantities are fixed. They are not basket indices, and there are no counterpart Lowe indices. 1.163 The geometric Young and Laspeyres indices have the same information requirements as their arithmetic counterparts. They can be produced on a timely basis. Thus, these geometric indices must be treated as serious practical possibilities for purposes of CPI calculations. As explained in Chapter 8 , the geometric indices are less likely to be subject to different types of index number biases than their arithmetic

Brian Graf

or estimates of the value of some product improvement that is ignored in CPI calculations. Although the majority of such studies have suggested upward rather than downward bias, the reliance on fragmentary evidence has led to criticism by observers who point to evidence of quality declines that have not been subjected to systematic analysis. 12.57 Overall quality trends can also be a matter of subjective valuation, especially for services. New technology has led to unambiguous improvements in the quality of many consumer durables and other goods. By contrast, in