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Mr. Emre Alper, Lorenzo Forni, and Mr. Marc Gerard
We investigate the pricing of sovereign credit risk over the period 2008-2010 for selected advanced economies by examining two widely-used indicators: sovereign credit default swap (CDS) and relative asset swap (RAS) spreads. Cointegration analysis suggests the existence of an imperfect market arbitrage relationship between the cash (RAS) and the derivatives (CDS) markets, with price discovery taking place in the latter. Likewise, panel regressions aimed at uncovering the fundamental drivers of the two indicators show that the CDS market, although less liquid, has provided a better signal for sovereign credit risk during the period of the recent financial crisis.
Mr. Jorge A Chan-Lau and Ms. Yoon Sook Kim

address credit risk embedded in underlying assets, and they provide insurance-like protection from the credit risk or default risk. The rapid development of credit derivatives, in particular of the credit default swap (CDS) market, offers an opportunity to gauge market views on a firm or bond issuer’s credit risk. The changes in a firm’s credit risk not only affect credit derivatives prices written on the firm, but they also affect the firm’s equity and bond prices. For example, when a firm is in a distressed condition, its credit risk or default risk increases. Thus

Ms. Luisa Zanforlin and Nobuyuki Kanazawa
We study the link between the probability of default implied by Credit Default Swaps (CDS) spreads and the final prices of the defaulted bonds as established at the CDS settlement auctions. We observe that the post-default recovery rates at the observed spreads imply markets were often “surprised” by the credit event. We find that the prices of the bonds that are deliverable at the auctions imply probabilities of default that are systematically different than the default probabilities estimated prior to the event of default using standard methodologies. We discuss the implications for CDS pricing models. We analyze the discrepancy between the actual and theoretical CDS spreads and we find it is significantly associated both to the CDS market microstructure at the time of the settlement auction and to the general macroeconomic background. We discuss the potential for strategic bidding behavior at the CDS settlement auctions.