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International Monetary Fund. European Dept.

, Transformation and Resilience Plan FIGURES 1. Pre-COVID Structural Challenges in the Spanish Labor Market 2. Expenditure in ALMPs 3. Expenditure in ALMPs per Unemployed 4. ALMPs by Program 5. Share of Jobseekers in Regular Contact with the Public Employment Service ANNEX I. Classification of OECD Data for Public Expenditure and Participants in ALMPs CLIMATE CHANGE MITIGATION POLICY IN SPAIN A. Introduction B. Background C. Policy Framework in Spain D. Surface Transport E. Building Sector F. Power Sector References FIGURES 1. GHG Emissions

International Monetary Fund

, (Finance for International Cooperation), Central Bank Governor Saber Mohammad Hassan, and other senior Sudanese officials. The principal author of this report is Mr. Ghiath Shabsigh. Contributors included Messrs. Williams, Gemayel, Takizawa, Ronci, and Ms. Wandwasi. Contennts List of Acronyms Executive Summary I. Introduction II. Performance Under the Program III. Recent Economic Developments IV. Policy Discussions A. Review of the Reforms B. Macroeconomic and Policy Outlook for the Remainder of 2003 C. Policy Framework for 2004 V

International Monetary Fund
The discussions focused on reviewing the reforms that were implemented since the last consultation, policies for the remainder of the year as well as the parameters of the 2004 program, and the medium-term outlook. Executive Directors encouraged the exchange and monetary systems, but additional efforts are needed on the fiscal front. Finally, a progress was achieved in preparing a medium-term economic program that will be underpinned by the preparation, for the first time, of a three-year rolling medium-term budget (MTB).
Cheikh A. Gueye, Mr. Javier Arze del Granado, Mr. Rodrigo Garcia-Verdu, Mr. Mumtaz Hussain, Mr. B. Jang, Mr. Sebastian Weber, and Mr. Juan S Corrales
During the past three years the frontier markets of sub-Saharan Africa have received growing amounts of portfolio capital flows, with heightened interest from foreign investors. Compared with foreign direct investment, portfolio capital flows tend to be more volatile, and thus pose challenges for sub-Saharan African frontier markets. This study examines the evolution of capital flows since 2010 and discusses the policies these countries have designed to reduce risks from the inherent volatility of these flows.
International Monetary Fund

liquidity management . Given the small fiscal deficits, the supply of government securities is limited, and the BOS may not have sufficient volume of securities to effect major liquidity absorption, if needed. The staff urged the authorities to supplement BOS’s stock of government securities by converting part of its claims on government into marketable securities. The authorities are considering this option but were concerned about its fiscal impact, as the government has not been paying charges on its liabilities to the BOS. 15 C. Policy Framework for 2004 33