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International Monetary Fund. Western Hemisphere Dept.

EU, US and the Free Market 6. Sugar Consumption and Production 7. World Supply and Demand of Sugar 8. Belize Sugar Production 9. Sugar Production 10. Cane Field Productivity, 2013/14 11. Cost to Export 12. Cost of Starting a Business TABLE 1. Agriculture Contribution to GDP ANNEXES I. Key Institutions in the Belize Sugar Sector II. Quantitative Analysis References BELIZE’S ENERGY SECTOR: CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES A. Executive Summary B. Introduction C. Overview of the Belize Energy Sector D. Macroeconomic Effects

International Monetary Fund. Western Hemisphere Dept.

. Section D examines the macroeconomic effects of energy prices and energy consumption in Belize. Section E reviews the challenges and opportunities facing the energy sector. Section F sums up the discussions and provides some recommendations. C. Overview of the Belize Energy Sector: Energy matrix and efficiency 11. Belize relies heavily on imported fuel and electricity for its increasing energy needs ( Figure 1 ) . The primary energy sources comprise imported fossil fuel, imported electricity, hydroelectric power, and biomass from sugarcane bagasse. The

International Monetary Fund. Western Hemisphere Dept.
This paper discusses three important sectors of Belize economy: financial, sugar market, and energy. Belize’s banking system has continued to strengthen since the 2014 Article IV Consultation in June 2014. Despite recent improvements, some banks’ balance sheets are still weak and exposed to adverse macroeconomic developments. The sugar sector makes a very important contribution to Belize’s economy. The sector is estimated to account for about 4-5 percent of GDP, 9-10 percent of total exports, 8 percent of employment, and 5-6 percent of foreign exchange earnings. But the reform of EU sugar regime, scheduled to take full effect in 2017, will most likely cause a significant drop in the EU sugar price.